Dip your toe into exhibiting abroad

Have you considered dipping your toe into international waters, but unsure where to start? Maybe you have already done so and want to develop this further to increase your overseas contacts and sales. One element of your international marketing strategy should be taking part in trade shows.

We are always hearing “but it’s so expensive to exhibit” or “I can’t keep up with all the deadlines”. Hmmmm…just two of a long list of reasons, each one relevant dependent on the size and budget of your company.  However, there is nothing quite like the “face-to-face” contact gained by exhibiting at a trade show. It will be awash with existing and potential clients who have gladly escaped the shackles of their desk in order to connect with the outside world and check out what’s new. What’s more, as an exhibitor, you will be profiled so everyone will know you are there!

Tomorrow The World can overcome your skepticism and build your confidence at exhibiting. We’re all about that place, ‘bout that space and can help you with the right approach, the right show, the right space and the right graphics all at the right price.

We love nothing more than to see companies using trade shows as a marketing medium to get new leads, build relations with new clients and cross-sell to existing clients.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today or call 01925 565065 to discuss trade shows relevant to your business and our easy, low-cost options for exhibiting.