KISS and Sell!

Here at Tomorrow the World we are often asked where the best location is for a stand at an exhibition. Hey we have even written a blog about positioning in the past. But one crucial element that is frequently over looked is your message.

What is it? How does it connect with your potential customers? You can have the best position money can buy, but if you don’t have the right message then it’s all a bit pointless.

If you are at the right trade show then your target customers will be there too.  So, what will they be looking for and what will attract them to you?

If you have thought long and hard about exactly what type of customer you wish to attract, apart from the obvious trait  of “one that has money”, then you should know what challenges they are experiencing and which products or solutions they require to help them stay ahead of their game.

The next trick is to somehow shout out to those target customers, “This is what you want, what you really, really want!” Here at Tomorrow The World we are great believers in the KISS principle. We do air kisses, cheek kisses (one, two or three if you’re Dutch) but for marketing messages our KISS just means “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. For people who need “x” we offer “x”. Our “x” is better than the others because of “y”.

Perhaps focus on a few themes but keep the sentences short and meaningful. Don’t write your life history in the show catalogue entry. The catalogue is your customer’s guide to tracing a route round the show and picking out who they want to see on the way. If you don’t put what you have to offer and why it solves all their problems in the first sentence you might not make their shortlist. Of course, you’ll have a second chance as they pass by your stand en route to see someone else. Here’s where the “short” bit of your message comes in handy. In order to read your graphics from afar the font needs to be large. The more text you have in your message the smaller the print will be.

In summary, if you know who your target customers are and your message calls out to them, then, regardless of your position, people will find you.

So what’s our message to you? Hmmm…Struggling with your message? With over 25 years in the events industry we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t so can help ensure your message is on point. Want to exhibit at a trade show but have a time and/or budget issue?  We offer exhibitor packages to suit all budgets, from completing the tasks you struggle with right through to “all in” packages and group stands ready for your arrival.

To put it simply….we do all the hard work, you just turn up and sell!


Footnote: We have actually found a book called “Kiss and Sell: Writing for Advertising” by Robert Sawyer who confirms our thoughts that writing copy is as much a craft as it is an art. This book is now on our Director’s Christmas wishlist!