Why Exhibit Abroad?

Start HereYou may think this is an obvious question for us to ask considering what we do here at Tomorrow the World (specialists in exhibitions & events for the record). This is a question we are asked frequently by businesses of all sizes and across all industry sectors. The answer can be different for every one of them and we cover some of the benefits later in this blog. But the resounding outcome is always the same – exhibiting abroad is one of quickest ways to reach new customers and rapidly grow your business.

It sounds simple doesn’t it?

However, we are fully aware that the thought of exhibiting abroad can be a daunting one. It can be scary enough thinking about exhibiting in this country, let alone one where you can’t speak the language.

There are also many misconceptions with businesses believing they have to be a large company with an army of support staff and a budget to match or, perhaps, already having a thriving international customer base.

Here at Tomorrow the World we have witnessed first-hand that this does not need to be the case. We work with businesses that are just starting to focus on international sales and most definitely do not fall into the “large business” category, in fact many have a small office in the UK with a handful of staff.

This isn’t to say we don’t also work with the big guys but it is important that you don’t see exhibiting abroad as a pipe dream; it is a lot easier than you might think with great rewards.

There are a lot of advantages to exhibiting abroad. It is usually the fastest route to get your brand out into the market, meet potential buyers and agents, enhance relationships with current customers, check out the local competition… oh and, of course, create great PR.

Strange though it may seem, it is also a good way to meet those UK buyers you may have been trying (and failing) to get appointments with in the UK. Never underestimate the power of meeting face to face on common ground such as an exhibition.

Of course, we would always recommend you do a spot of research first to make sure the country and the trade show are the right ones for you. Building international exhibitions into your sales and marketing plans could be the next best step for your company’s growth.

If you would like to find out what it takes to successfully exhibit abroad then get in touch with us. We can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how painless it is. We love nothing more than to meet face to face and to see a business profit from international trade.


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