Breaking Bad Habits – Review of Making Pharma’s Exhibitor Training Day

Never underestimate the benefit of refresher training, even if you’re like our Director and think you know everything already!

We went along to the Making Pharmaceuticals exhibitor training day, a wonderful, free of charge workshop, to help exhibitors maximise their presence at the event and thus keep the boss happy about return on investment.

Well, what can we say?! If you can imagine a day at the Blackadder Academy for Sadder than Sad Jack McSad Exhibitors with Derren Brown-esque live predictions of visitor behaviour thrown in then you wouldn’t be far wrong.

Simon Naudi, Director of Answers Training International, took us on a tour through the many stages of exhibiting. We were reminded, from a statistical standpoint as well as from personal perception, why live events are one of the most effective marketing tools in the mix and that, despite technological advances, face-to-face marketing remains one of the best ways to increase sales for your business.

Reference was made to the FaceTime business survey on which forms of media generate cost-effective, quality and long term sales leads whilst having the means to provide a persuasive context and convert these leads. 86% of business directors agreed that exhibitions are second best at generating sales leads after a company’s own website. Simon raised an interesting consideration about how your visitors might be feeling by the time they reach your stand. Has their mood already been negatively influenced by crowded public transport, large distances between halls and appointments?  He also stressed that first impressions are paramount. What does your stand and the staff you populate it with say about your company?

This was a training day that just kept giving. The many and varied tips confirmed our views on getting your business fit to exhibit and gave us a few more to add to our box of tricks. You can rest assured, whether you join us as part of a shared stand arrangement or we are organising your presence on an individual basis, that Tomorrow The World goes all out to maximise your ROI.

We give “douze points” to Simon Naudi and the Making Pharma team. We’re confident you’ll give us “douze points” when you take advantage of our easy, cost-effective exhibitor packages. Check us out then give us a call to see how we can help.