Acronyms, Initialisms & 10 Facts on IFB2016

Every day we are exposed to “marketing speak” that sounds like it has been conceived by Head of Brand, Siobhan Sharpe from the BBC’s fabulous mockumentary Twenty Twelve.

With only 62 days to go until IFB2016 and the amount of PR stemming from different sources we at Tomorrow The World decided to create a “simples” guide to what this event is all about and why you should visit.

Grab a coffee and let’s get started!

Fact No. 1:  When & Where IFB2016 stands for International Festival for Business 2016 and will take place in Liverpool from Monday 13th June to Friday 1st July at the UK’s newest exhibiting venue…. aptly named the Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

Fact No. 2: Mini Grammar Lesson – IFB is not an “acronym” but rather an “initialism”.  An acronym is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a word e.g. NATO. An initialism is an abbreviation pronounced one letter at a time e.g. BBC and, segueing nicely back to the topic at hand, IFB.

Fact No. 3: What & Why – The International Festival for Business 2016 –  or IFB2016 now that you are up to speed – is designed to be a global marketplace, bringing together thousands of delegates from around the world under one roof to create connections, share ideas and do business.  If your business is already exporting, or looking to start, this is an ideal event to meet, learn and connect. To get an idea of scale, it is anticipated that over 35,000 UK and International delegates will attend and, as the whole venue (upstairs, downstairs, outside) is given over to the event, once you’re through the door you can’t go wrong!

Fact No. 4: Themes & Schedule – Each of the three weeks of IFB2016 has an industry sector theme. The focus for Week One is Manufacturing, with Energy & Environment in Week Two and Digital & Creative in Week Three.  Each day also lists different events in different parts of the venue. Whilst IFB2016 itself is free of charge to attend some of the set events are free of charge and some are chargeable.

Fact No. 5: For those just wanting to browse –  In the unlikely situation that you just want to visit without taking part in any of the set events, you will still be able to maximise your time accessing free of charge business advice, searching UKTI’s Exporting is GREAT business opportunities database, taking part in the Meet Your Future Deal digital matchmaking programme, networking with other registered delegates visiting on that day and convening at close of play to hear the Blue Skies inspirational speaker.

Fact No. 6: Financial Travel Incentives – Financial incentives are available to visiting companies. For example, Virgin Trains are offering a 20% discount for all those registered to the IFB2016 Business Club. There is also the TRAVEL to TRADE scheme for UK companies which subsidises travel, for organised delegations of 5+ SMEs travelling from outside Liverpool City Region, at up to £150 per company. To be eligible for the fund your company needs to be a UK-based SME wishing to export for the first time or expand into a new market. You must attend at least one set event and have at least one appointment made via the IFB2016 digital matchmaking service. Other T&Cs apply so potential delegation leaders should email for more information.

Fact No. 7: The Registration ProcessAll visitors to IFB2016 must register free of charge to become a member of the IFB2016 Business Club. This will provide you with your ticket to get through the door in June but, in the meantime, keeps you up to date with news and announcements.

Fact No. 8: IFB2016 Business Club Benefits: Once registered for entry members can also benefit from Get Fit for IFP2016 a programme of free webinars, resources, news and views to help build solid foundations to support business growth and export ambitions; Meet The Specialist Adviser the chance to book FOC appointments with experts who can provide bespoke advice to help take your business to the next level; Meet Your Future Deal – continue your registration when prompted to indicate what kind of business you are looking to meet. The International Digital Matching Service will use the pool of registered Business Club members from around the world to help match you with buyers, business partners such as agents &distributors, suppliers and potential investors

Fact No. 9: Booking Your Place at a Scheduled Event – Once registered you can book your place at the set events of most interest and relevance to you. The schedule and content will be continually updated as more speakers/events are added but here is the link to the schedule of free of charge UKTI sector related events as well as the full schedule for IFB2016 .

At this point in a very long story we’d like to give a shameless shout out to UKTI’s Catalysing Success for UK Chemicals event on the 16th June.

Fact No 10: Why Liverpool? – If you haven’t visited Liverpool in a while then IFB2016 represents an ideal opportunity to see all the redevelopments in the city that never stands still. From a business point of view Liverpool is a city built on global trade and commerce. It is one of the fastest growing regional economies in England boasting organisations at the forefront of innovation and technology. A UNESCO World Heritage City, it mixes skyscrapers with beaches, parkland and seafront. You’ll find the largest collection of museums and galleries outside London, you all know the music and sporting heritage but let’s just add the excellent retail destination and diverse food culture, from Michelin star to edgy fusion cuisine, into the mix. Download the free it’s liverpool  app for more insight into this dynamic city.

So…IFB2016 in a nutshell…simples! There’s a lot going on so if you have any questions then just get in touch!